Global Outlooks: Mapping the Pathways, Strategies, and Models of Internationalization in Higher Education


The project studies the transformations of UK higher education institutions in their pursuit of internationalization. The project analyzes two types of data: a) textual data collected from University websites using data mining techniques, b) organizational level data on governance structures dedicated to the internationalization mission.


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Yasemin Nuhoğlu Soysal and Roxana-Diana Baltaru (2021) “University as the producer of knowledge, and economic and societal value: the 20th and twenty-first century transformations of the UK higher education system”, European Journal of Higher Education 11 (3): 312–328.

Roxana-Diana Baltaru and Yasemin Nuhoglu Soysal (2018) “Administrators in higher education: organizational expansion in a transforming institution”, Higher Education76 (2): 213–229.

Dr. Roxana-Diana Baltaru
seit 2017
British Academy