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    Cambridge Prisms: Plastics
      Cambridge Prisms: Plastics  
      Canada - United States Air Quality Agreement  
      Canadian Environmental Protection Act, Annual Report  
      Canadian Journal of Environmental Education (CJEE)  
      Carbon Capture Science & Technology (CCST)  
      Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage in the European Union  
      Carbon Finance for Sustainable Development  
      Carbon Footprint Report ...  
      Carbon Management  
      Carbon Neutrality  
      Carbon Research  
      Carbon Resources Conversion  
      Carpathian Journal of Earth and Environmental Sciences  
      Case Studies in Chemical and Environmental Engineering (CSCEE)  
      Caspian Journal of Environmental Sciences  
      CBSG News  
      Cell Reports Sustainability  
      Challenges in Sustainability  
      Change and Adaptation in Socio-Ecological Systems (CASES)  
      Chemistry and Ecology  
      China Environment Series  
      China Population, Resources and Environment  
      Chinese Journal of Applied Ecology  
      Chinese Journal of Population, Resources and Environment (2020-)  
      Chinese Journal of Urban and Environmental Studies  
      Chronica Naturae  
      Ciências do Ambiente  
      Circle, The  
      Circular Economy : die Medienmarke für Kreislaufwirtschaft  
      Cities and the Environment. An electronic web-based Journal  
      Cities, People, Places: An International Journal on Urban Environments  
      City and Built Environment  
      City and Environment Interactions  
      Civil and Environmental Research  
      Civil Engineering and Environmental Systems (formerly: Civil Engineering Systems)  
      Clean Air Journal  
      CLEAN - Soil, Air, Water  
      Clean Technologies  
      Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy  
      Clean Technologies and Recycling  
      Cleaner and Circular Bioeconomy  
      Cleaner and Responsible Consumption  
      Cleaner Engineering and Technology  
      Cleaner Environmental Systems  
      Cleaner Logistics and Supply Chain  
      Cleaner Materials  
      Cleaner Production Letters  
      Cleaner Waste Systems