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Psychologie pro Praxi
  Psychologie pro Praxi  
  Psychologie und Geschichte  
  Psychologische Forschung: Zeitschrift für Psychologie und ihre Grenzwissenschaften  
  Psychologische Rundschau  
  Psychologisches Magazin  
  Psychology and Behavioral Sciences  
  Psychology and Developing Societies  
  Psychology and Education  
  Psychology and Marketing (via PAO)  
  Psychology and Marketing  
  Psychology and Psychotherapy : Theory, Research and Practice  
  Psychology and Sexuality  
  Psychology, Community & Health  
  Psychology, Crime & Law  
  Psychology & Educational Science  
  Psychology, Health & Medicine  
  Psychology in Society (PINS)  
  Psychology in Spain  
  Psychology in the Schools  
  Psychology Learning & Teaching (PLAT)  
  Psychology of Human-Animal Intergroup Relations  
  Psychology of Language and Communication (-2008)  
  Psychology of Language and Communication (2008-)  
  Psychology of Music  
  Psychology of Personality = Psycholohija Osobystosti  
  Psychology of Sport and Exercise  
  Psychology of Well-Being  
  Psychology of Women Quarterly  
  Psychology Research  
  Psychology Research and Behavior Management  
  Psychology, Society, and Education (2009-2021)  
  Psychology, Society, and Education (2022-)  
  Psychomusicology (via PAO)  
  Psychonomic Bulletin and Review  
  Psychonomic Bulletin and Review (älter als 12 Monate)  
  Psychonomic Science  
  Psychopraxis, Neuropraxis  
  Psychoseksuologia = Psychosexology  
  Psychosis : Psychological, Social and Integrative Approaches  
  Psychosocial Intervention (Intervención Psicosocial)  
  Psychosociological Issues in Human Resource Management  
  Psychoterapie (2007- älter als 3 Jahre)  
  Psychoterapie (2013- )