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Acta VŠFS : Economic Studies and Analyses : Ekonomické Studie a Analýzy
  Acta VŠFS : Economic Studies and Analyses : Ekonomické Studie a Analýzy  
  Actions and Insights - Middle East North Africa  
  Activitatea de Cercetare - Dezvoltare: Anul ... / Institutul Naţional de Statistică, România  
  Activité, Emploi et Chomage  
  Activité, Emploi et Chômage: Résultats Détaillés  
  Activities and Events / European Foundation for Management Development  
  Activity Report // European Investment Bank Group  
  Activity Reports (Rapport d'Activité) / French Institute of Pondicherry  
  Actualidad Contable Faces  
  Actualidad Económica  
  Actualité de l'Histoire, L' (via JSTOR)  
  Actualité Économique, L'  
  Actualité Économique, L' (via PAO)  
  Actualite: La Vie Économique et Sociale  
  Actuarial Report on the Canada Student Loans Program  
  Actuarial Report on the Pension Plan for the Public Service of Canada as at ...  
  ADAM Akademi Sosyal Bilimler Dergisi  
  Address from one of the 3730 Electors of Preston, to the labouring classes of Great Britain & Ireland, An (via GALE)  
  Administração Pública e Gestão Social  
  Administración de Andalucia : Revista Andaluza de Administración Publica  
  Administración de las Reservas Internacionales  
  Administración de las Reservas Internacionales / Banco de la República Colombia  
  Administracion e Cidadania  
  Administración y Organizaciones  
  Administration and Management Review  
  Administration and Society  
  Administrative Science Quarterly (1999 -)  
  Administrative Science Quarterly (ältere Jahrgänge via JSTOR)  
  Adressenverzeichnis der Auskunftserteiler, der Unterstützungsauszahler, der Verbandskörperschaften / Verband der Lithographen, Steindrucker und verwandten Berufe  
  ADV-Marktbarometer Luftverkehr  
  Advanced Series in Management  
  Advances in Accounting  
  Advances in Accounting Behavioral Research  
  Advances in Accounting Education  
  Advances in Agricultural Economic History  
  Advances in Airline Economics  
  Advances in Applied Business Strategy  
  Advances in Applied Microeconomics  
  Advances in Austrian Economics  
  Advances in Business and Management Forecasting  
  Advances in Business Marketing and Purchasing  
  Advances in Business Related Scientific Research Journal  
  Advances in Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research  
  Advances in Developing Human Resources  
  Advances in Econometrics  
  Advances in Economics and Business  
  Advances in Entrepreneurship, Firm Emergence and Growth  
  Advances in Environmental Accounting and Management