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Annual Report / The World Bank
  Annual Report / The World Bank  
  Annual Report to the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia  
  Annual Report / United Nations Development Programme  
  Annual Report / United Nations Industrial Development Organization  
  Annual Report / Urban Development Corporation  
  Annual Report / US Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration  
  Annual Report / US Railroad Retirement Board  
  Annual Report / VGB PowerTech  
  Annual Report / Volume 2: Statistical Bulletin  
  Annual Report / West African Institute for Financial and Economic Management  
  Annual Report / World Economic Forum  
  Annual Report ... / World Economic Forum, Global Network of Advanced Manufacturing Hubs  
  Annual Report / World Tourism Organization  
  Annual Report / World Trade Organization  
  Annual Report / WTO, World Trade Organization (Dublette)  
  Annual Reports / Bermuda Commercial Bank Limited  
  Annual Reports / Central Bank of Belize  
  Annual Reports on the Implementation of the EU Budget for the .... Financial Year and on the Activities Funded by the 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th European Development Funds for the ... Financial Year  
  Annual Review / Bank of Japan  
  Annual Review / Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran  
  Annual Review / Debt Management Office  
  Annual Review / European Bank for Reconstruction and Development  
  Annual Review ... / IATA, International Air Transport Association  
  Annual Review ... / Indo-German Chamber of Commerce  
  Annual Review of Development Effectiveness  
  Annual Review of Economics  
  Annual Review of Financial Economics  
  Annual Review of Fintech  
  Annual Review of Resource Economics  
  Annual Review of Resource Economics (ältere Jahrgänge via JSTOR)  
  Annual Review of the Labour Market  
  Annual review of working conditions  
  Annual Review of Working Life  
  Annual Review / Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications  
  Annual SDG Review ... / Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia  
  Annual Statistical Abstract State of Kuwait  
  Annual Statistical Digest / Centrale Bank van Aruba  
  Annual Statistical Digest / Statistics Sierra Leone  
  Annual Status Review of Public Enterprises ...  
  Annual Summary of Payment Statistics  
  Annual Supervision Reports  
  Annual Survey of Industries  
  Annual Survey of Industries / Volume 1  
  Annual Survey of Philippine Business and Industry (ASPBI)  
  Annual Survey of Trade and Services ...  
  ... Annual Survey Report of Quarrying Activities in Sierra Leone  
  Annual Telecommunications Monitoring Report ...  
  Annual Vulnerability Assessment & Analysis Report  
  Annual Wage Review  
  Annual World Bank Conference on Development Economics