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Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia  
  Global Entrepreneurship Monitor ..., Kuwait Report  
  Global Entrepreneurship Monitor / Länderbericht Deutschland  
  Global Entrepreneurship Monitor : ... Latvia Report  
  Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Poland  
  Global Entrepreneurship Monitor / Report on Switzerland: Report on Switzerland  
  Global Entrepreneurship Monitor: Singapore Report  
  Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, South African Executive Report  
  Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, The Netherlands  
  Global Entrepreneurship Monitor. United States report  
  Global Entrepreneurship Monitor / ... Women's Entrepreneurship Report  
  Global Finance Journal  
  Global Financial Development Report  
  Global Financial Markets  
  Global Financial Stability Report  
  Global Financial Stability Report  
  Global Focus  
  Global Gender Gap Report  
  Global go to Think Tank Index Report / Think Tank & Civil Societies Program, University of Pennsylvania  
  Global Goals Yearbook  
  Global History of Capitalism : Case Study  
  Global Innovation Index ... , The  
  Global Insurance Review ... and Outlook ...  
  Global Investment Competitiveness Report  
  Global Journal of Agricultural Economics and Econometrics  
  Global Journal of Business, Economics and Management  
  Global Journal of Business Research  
  Global Journal of Contemporary Research in Accounting, Auditing and Business Ethics  
  Global Journal of Emerging Market Economies  
  Global Journal of Enterprise Information System : GJEIS  
  Global Journal of Flexible Systems Management  
  Global Journal of Hospital Administration  
  Global Journal of Pollution, Hazardous and Waste Management (GJPHWM)  
  Global Jurist  
  Global Labour Journal  
  Global & Local Economic Review / Fondazione Pescarabruzzo  
  Global Monitoring Report  
  Global Multidimensional Poverty Index ...  
  Global Perspectives on Accounting Education  
  Global Perspectives on Japan  
  Global Petroleum Survey ...  
  Global reach: The impact of the EIB beyond the European Union  
  Global Report on Human Settlements / United Nations Human Settlements Programme  
  Global Review of Accounting and Finance  
  Global Social Challenges Journal  
  Global Sport Business Journal  
  Global Strategy Journal  
  Global Trendometer  
  Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment ...  
  Global Wage Report