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Policy Brief / OECD
  Policy Brief / OECD  
  Policy Brief / The Sudd Institute  
  Policy of Cultural Affairs in Japan Fiscal  
  Policy Paper / University of Konstanz, Cluster of Excellence The Politics of Inequality (Deutsche Ausgabe)  
  Policy Paper / University of Konstanz, Cluster of Excellence The Politics of Inequality (Englische Ausgabe)  
  Policy Papers on Transnational Economic Law  
  Policy Research Working Paper / The World Bank  
  Policy Sciences (via PAO)  
  Policy Sciences  
  Poliittinen talous  
  Polish Journal of Management Studies  
  Polish Maritime Research  
  Política y Gobierno  
  Political Cabinet or an Impartial Review of the most Remarkable Occurrences of the World Particularly of Europe, The (via GALE)  
  Political Economist (via EBSCO Host)  
  Political Economist and Universal Philanthropist, The (via GALE)  
  Political Economy and Public Policy Papers  
  Political Oeconomist; & Emporium of Statistical Philosophy (via EBSCO Host)  
  Political State of Great Britain, The (via GALE)  
  Politická Ekonomie  
  Polska : Raport o Konkurencyjności ...  
  Polygraph Export  
  Pomembnejsi Statisticni Podatki o Sloveniji  
  Pomorski Przeglad Gospodarczy  
  Poolworld: Fachmagazin für Finanzdienstleister  
  Popular Economics (via JSTOR)  
  Population and Economics  
  Population Change in the SR in ..., The  
  Population Indienne Inscrite Selon le Sexe et la Résidence  
  Population Projections Bhutan  
  Population Research and Policy Review (ältere Jahrgänge via JSTOR)  
  Population Trends, ...  
  Por Experiencia  
  Poredica Sofijski Dialozi = Sofia Dialogues Series  
  Port of Hamburg  
  Port of Hamburg Magazine  
  Port Special : Rotterdam Container Port  
  Portal : LLILAS Annual Review  
  Portfolio Investment Report ...  
  Portugal em Números  
  Portuguese Economic Journal  
  Position Financière Extérieure Globale du Maroc  
  Positionen. Die Versicherungen zu Politik, Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft  
  Possibility Studies & Society  
  Post-Communist Economies (Formerly: Communist Economies & Economic Transformation)  
  Post Office Quarterly Director (via EBSCO Host)  
  Post-Programme Surveillance Report. Cyprus, ...  
  Post-Programme Surveillance Report / Greece, ...  
  Post-Programme Surveillance Report. Ireland, ...