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      Dal'nevostochnyi Matematicheskii Zhurnal = Far Eastern Mathematical Journal  
      Data Science in Finance and Economics  
      Datacrítica: International Journal of Critical Statistics  
      Decisions in Economics and Finance (Formerly: Rivista di Matematica per le Scienze Economiche e Sociali)  
      Demonstratio Mathematica  
      Dependence Modeling  
      Designs, Codes and Cryptography  
      Desimal : Jurnal Matematika  
      Didactica Mathematicae  
      Didactics of Mathematics  
      Differential Equations  
      Differential Equations and Control Processes = Differencialnye Uravnenija i Processy Upravlenija  
      Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems  
      Differential Equations & Applications (DEA)  
      Differential Geometry and its Applications  
      Differential Geometry and its Applications (älter als 48 Monate)  
      Differential Geometry - Dynamical Systems  
      Digital Experiences in Mathematics Education  
      Discrete Analysis  
      Discrete and Computational Geometry  
      Discrete and Computational Geometry (-1995)  
      Discrete Applied Mathematics (älter als 48 Monate)  
      Discrete Applied Mathematics (DAM)  
      Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society (DDNS)  
      Discrete Event Dynamic Systems  
      Discrete Mathematics  
      Discrete Mathematics (älter als 48 Monate)  
      Discrete Mathematics and Applications  
      Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science (DMTCS)  
      Discrete Mathematics Letters  
      Discrete Optimization  
      Discrete Optimization (älter als 48 Monate)  
      Discussiones Mathematicae / Differential Inclusions, Control and Optimization  
      Discussiones Mathematicae / General Algebra and Applications  
      Discussiones Mathematicae / Graph Theorie  
      Discussiones Mathematicae / Probability and Statistics  
      Diskretnaja Matematika / Akademija Nauk SSSR  
      Dissertationes Mathematicae (2000 - 2013)  
      Dissertationes Mathematicae (Formerly: Rozprawy Matematyczne) (1.1951 - 345.1995)  
      Divulgaciones Matematicas  
      DJ Journal of engineering and applied mathematics  
      DMTCS Proceedings  
      Documenta Mathematica  
      Doklady Mathematics  
      Dolomites Research Notes on Approximation  
      Dynamical Systems  
      Dynamics of Partial Differential Equations (DPDE) (2004-2017)