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Lines of conflict in the context of digitalisation, globalisation, demographic change and ecological sustainability

On June 1st, 2021, the second doctoral program on "Good Work" sponsored by the Hans Böckler Foundation will start at the WZB. This doctoral program is also headed by Prof. Jutta Allmendinger Ph. D. and is supervised by seven WZB researchers. The scientific coordination is in the hands of Dr. Christian Brzinsky-Fay.

A total of twelve scholarships are awarded for a maximum of three years to doctoral students from the fields of sociology, economics, psychology and related subjects.

The second doctoral program covers four fields of research in which the following supervisors are available:

I) Good work for all in times of digitalisation?

Dr. Martin Ehlert
Prof. Lena Hipp Ph. D.
Prof. Dr. Martin Krzywdzinski
Dr. Philip Wotschack

II) Good work for all in times of socio-structural and demographic change?

Dr. Martin Ehlert
Prof. Lena Hipp, Ph. D.
Dr. Daniel Auer
Dr. Susanne Veit
Dr. Philip Wotschack

III) Good work for all in times of globalisation?

Prof. Dr. Martin Krzywdzinski
Dr. Susanne Veit
Sigurt Vitols Ph. D.

IV) Good work for all in times of climate change?

Dr. Daniel Auer
Sigurt Vitols Ph. D.

The supervisors have the following methodological approaches:

  • qualitative: M. Krzywdzinski, S. Vitols, P. Wotschack

  • quantitative: S. Vitols, M. Ehlert, L. Hipp, D. Auer, S. Veit, P. Wotschack

  • experimental: L. Hipp, S. Veit

  • mixed methods: S. Vitols, P. Wotschack

Through the participation of various departments and project groups, the second doctoral program at the WZB also has a special bridging function.

If you have any further questions, please contact the scientific coordinator of the doctoral program, Dr. Christian Brzinsky-Fay, at christian.brzinsky-fay [at] or kolleg.gutearbeit [at]

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What is "Good Work"?

A short film (in German) made by Junge Akademie featuring, among others, Jutta Allmendinger, president of the WZB, and Lena Hipp, supervisor at the doctoral program.


Dr. Christian Brzinsky-Fay
Sabine Schnabel

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