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Année Sociologique, L' (-1925)
  Année Sociologique, L' (-1925)  
  Année Sociologique, L' (1940/48-) (ältere Jahrgänge via JSTOR)  
  Année Sociologique, L' (2001 bis älter als die aktuellen 5 Jahrgänge)  
  Annuaire de l'EHESS  
  Annuaire Statistique de la France : Resultats de .... / Institut National de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques  
  Annuaire Statistique du Département du Mont-Tonnerre  
  Annual Abstract of Statistics / National Bureau of Statistics, Federal Republic of Nigeria  
  Annual Demographic Estimates: Subprovincial Areas  
  Annual Digest of Social Protection Reforms in the Arab Region, ...  
  Annual Economic Report / Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy  
  Annual Employment-Enemployment Survey Report / 4: Report on Employment-Unemployment Scenario Among Different Social Groups  
  Annual Employment-Unemployment Survey report *1* Report on ... Annual Employment - Unemployment Survey  
  Annual Employment-Unemployment Survey Report *2*Report on Youth Employment - Unemployment Scenario  
  Annual Employment-Unemployment Survey Report *3*Report on Education, Skill Development and Labour Force  
  Annual Employment-Unemployment Survey Report *4*Report on Employment in Informal Sector and Conditions of Informal Employment  
  Annual Employment-Unemployment Survey Report *5*Report on Employment-Unemployment Scenario among different Social Groups  
  Annual Meeting of the New-York City Maternal Association (via EBSCO Host)  
  Annual of ISPJR (formerly Godisnik na Institutot za Socioloski i Političko-Pravni Istrasuvanja = Annual of the Institute for Sociological, Political and Juridical Research)  
  Annual report / ACCESS Development Services  
  Annual Report and Accounts of the National Archives  
  Annual Report and Financial Statements / Bank of Ghana  
  Annual Report / East-West Center  
  Annual report / Equity  
  Annual Report / European Agency for Safety and Health at Work  
  Annual Report / European Centre for Minority Issues  
  Annual Report ... / First Nations Child & Family Caring Society of Canada  
  Annual Report ... / Government of Saskatchewan, Ministry of Government Relations  
  Annual report / Grameen Bank  
  Annual Report / Group of Thirty  
  Annual Report / Housing & Development Board  
  Annual Report / International Committee of the Red Cross  
  Annual Report / International Committee of the Red Cross (2002-)  
  Annual Report / International Institute of Social History  
  ... Annual Report / Labour Research Department  
  Annual Report / Mannheimer Zentrum für Europäische Sozialforschung  
  Annual Report of the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific  
  Annual Report of the Inter-American Commission of Women (CIM) to the General Assembly  
  Annual Report on EIB Activity in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific, and the Overseas Countries and Territories  
  Annual Report on Intra-EU Labour Mobility ...  
  Annual Report on the Family Income and Expenditure Survey  
  Annual Report ... / Province of Saskatchewan, Ministry of First Nations and Métis Relations  
  ... Annual Report Research Gateway – EUROLAB  
  Annual Report ... / Saskatchewan First Nations and Métis Relations, Government of Saskatchewan  
  Annual Report / United Nations Development Programme  
  Annual Report / Zentrum für Entwicklungsforschung  
  Annual Report / Zukunftskolleg, Universität Konstanz  
  Annual Review / FEMNET, The African Women's Development and Communication Network  
  Annual Review of Sociology  
  Annual Review of Sociology (ältere Jahrgänge via JSTOR)  
  Annual review of working conditions