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    e-Journal of Soft Materials
      e-Journal of Soft Materials  
      e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology  
      Earth and Planetary Physics (EPP)  
      Earth and Planetary Physics (EPP)  
      Earth and Planetary Science Letters  
      Earth and Space Science (ESS)  
      Earth Interactions  
      Earth, Moon, and Planets (1969-1996)  
      Earth, Moon, and Planets (Formerly: The Moon ; The Moon and the Planets)  
      Earth, Planets and Space (EPS)  
      EAS Publications Series (European Astronomical Society)  
      East European Journal of Physics  
      Echoes: The Newsletter of the Acoustical Society of America  
      ECMWF Re-Analysis Project Report Series  
      Econophysics, Sociophysics & other Multidisciplinary Sciences Journal  
      Egyptian Journal of Solids  
      EJNMMI Physics  
      Electrochemical Energy Reviews  
      Electrochemical Society Interface, The (1992-)  
      Electrochemical Society Interface, The (1998-2015)  
      Electrochemistry Communications (- 2018)  
      Electrochimica Acta  
      Electrodeposition and Surface Treatment  
      Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine  
      Electromagnetic Science  
      Electronic Journal of Mathematical and Physical Sciences  
      Electronic Journal of Severe Storms Meteorology  
      Electronic Journal of Theoretical Physics (EJTP)  
      Electronic Journal "Technical Acoustics" (EJTA)  
      Electronic-Liquid Crystal Communications (e-LC)  
      ELPH Annual Report = ELPH Repōto  
      EMFL Annual Report  
      EMFL News  
      Empowering Nano  
      ENS news / European Nuclear Society  
      Ephemerides Societatis Meteorologicae Palatinae : Observationes Anni ...  
      EPJ Quantum Technology  
      EPJ Techniques and Instrumentation  
      EPJ Web of Conferences : Open-Access Proceedings in Physics and Related Sciences  
      ERA-40 Project Report Series  
      ERA Report Series  
      Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Nuclear Science Division: Annual Report  
      ESA Annual Report  
      ESO Annual Report  
      ESO Messenger, The  
      ESRF News / European Synchrotron Radiation Facility  
      Eurasian Journal of Physics and Functional Materials  
      EUREKA: Physics and Engineering