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    3C ON-LINE : Computing at Community Colleges (1994-1997)
      3C ON-LINE : Computing at Community Colleges (1994-1997)  
      3D Printing in Medicine  
      A List Apart Magazine  
      Academic and Library Computing  
      Academic Journal of Information Technology : AJIT-e  
      Academic Journal on Computing, Engineering and Applied Mathematics  
      Access Server  
      ACEEE International Journal on Information Technology  
      ACEEE International Journal on Network Security  
      ACM Communications in Computer Algebra : ACM CCA (1967-2000)  
      ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR) (1969-2000)  
      ACM / IMS Journal of Data Science (JDS)  
      ACM/IMS Transactions on Data Science (TDS)  
      ACM Journal of Computer Documentation (JCD) (2000)  
      ACM Queue  
      ACM SIGACT News (1969-2000)  
      ACM SIGAda Ada Letters (Formerly: ACM ADA Letters) (1981-2000)  
      ACM SIGAPL APL Quote Quad (1971-2000)  
      ACM SIGAPP Applied Computing Review (1993-2000)  
      ACM SIGARCH Computer Architecture News (1972-2000)  
      ACM SIGART Bulletin (Formerly: SIGART Newsletter) (1970-2000)  
      ACM SIGBIO Newsletter : Biomedical Computing (1976-2000)  
      ACM SIGCAS Computers and Society (1970-2000)  
      ACM SIGCHI Bulletin (1982-2000)  
      ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review (CCR) (1970-2000)  
      ACM SIGCSE Bulletin : Inroads (1969-2000)  
      ACM SIGCSIM Installation Management Review  
      ACM SIGCUE Outlook (Formerly: ACM SIGCUE Bulletin) (1970-1999)  
      ACM SIGDA Newsletter (Design Automation) (1971-2000)  
      ACM SIGDOC Asterisk Journal of Computer Documentation (Formerly: Systems Documentation Newsletter) (1975-1999)  
      ACM SIGecom Exchanges (2000)  
      ACM SIGFORTH Newsletter (1989-1994)  
      ACM SIGGRAPH Computer Graphics (1969-2000)  
      ACM SIGGROUP Bulletin (1997-2000)  
      ACM SIGICE Bulletin (1994-1997)  
      ACM SIGIR Forum (1971-2000)  
      ACM SIGLASH Newsletter (1976-1981)  
      ACM SIGMAP Bulletin (1969-1983)  
      ACM SIGMETRICS Performance Evaluation Review (1972-2000)  
      ACM SIGMICRO Newsletter (Formerly: SIGMICRO TCMICRO Newsletter) (1969-1992)  
      ACM SIGMINI Newsletter  
      ACM SIGMOBILE Mobile Computing and Communications Review (1997-2000)  
      ACM SIGMOD Record (Formerly: FDT : Bulletin of ACM SIGFIDET)  
      ACM SIGNUM Newsletter (Numerical Mathematics) (1966-1998)  
      ACM SIGOA Newsletter (Later: ACM SIGOA Bulletin) (1980-1986)  
      ACM SIGOIS Bulletin (1986-1996)  
      ACM SIGOPS Operating Systems Review (1969-2000)  
      ACM SIGPC Notes (1978-1982)  
      ACM SIGPLAN Fortran Forum (Formerly: ACM SIGPLAN ForTec Forum) (1982-2000)