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Advances in Astronautics Science and Technology
  Advances in Astronautics Science and Technology  
  Advances in Environmental and Engineering Research (AEER)  
  Advances in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering  
  Advances in Manufacturing  
  Advances in Manufacturing Science and Technology = Postępy Technologii Maszyn  
  Advances in Materials  
  Advances in Materials and Processing Technologies  
  Advances in Materials Physics and Chemistry (AMPC)  
  Advances in Materials Science  
  Advances in Materials Science and Engineering  
  Advances in Mechanical Engineering  
  Advances in Polymer Technology (1981-2018)  
  Advances in Polymer Technology (1997-2018)  
  Advances in Space Research  
  Advances in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics  
  Advances in Tribology  
  Aeronautical Journal, The  
  Aeronautics and Space Report of the President  
  Aeroplano : revista de historia aeronáutica  
  AeroReport: das Luftfahrtmagazin der MTU Aero Engines  
  Aerospace America  
  Aerospace Research in Bulgaria  
  Aerospace Science and Technology  
  Aerospace Testing International  
  Aerospace Testing International / Showcase  
  Aftermarketzeitschrift, Die : AMZ  
  AIAA Journal  
  AIMS Materials Science  
  Air and Space Power Review  
  Air & Space  
  Air & Space Europe  
  Air & Space Power Journal  
  Aircraft Design  
  Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology  
  Aircraft Interiors International  
  Aircraft Maintenance Technology (ATM)  
  Aktualʹnye Problemy v Mašinostroenii: Naučno-Techničeskij i Proizvodstvennyj žurnal = Actual Problems in Machine Building: Scientific, Technical and Industrial Articles  
  Alexandria Engineering Journal  
  Algerian Journal of Materials Chemistry  
  Alpexpress / Ticino  
  AlpTransit in Ticino  
  Amada Zaidan Josei Kenkyū Seika Hōkokusho = Report of Grant-Supported Researches  
  American Journal of Aerospace Engineering  
  American Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences  
  American Journal of Materials Engineering and Technology  
  American Journal of Materials Science