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    CADFEM Journal
      CADFEM Journal  
      Cahiers d'Histoire de l'Aluminium = Journal for the History of Aluminium (älter als die aktuellen 6 Jahrgänge)  
      Cai liao bao hu = Materials Protection  
      Cailiao-Kexue = Material Sciences (MS)  
      Cambridge Manufacturing Review (IfM Review)  
      Canadian Metallurgical Quarterly (Formerly: Annual Volume / Metallurgical Society of CIM)  
      Carbon: Science and Technology  
      Casting Processes = Procesy Lyttja  
      CEAS Aeronautical Journal  
      CEAS Space Journal  
      Cellular Polymers  
      Ceramics International  
      Ceramurgia International  
      Charakteristische Merkmale / Stahl-Informations-Zentrum  
      Chemical and Materials Engineering  
      Chemical Vapor Deposition  
      Chimija, Fizika i Mechanika Materialov: Naučnyj žurnal  
      China Foundry (via CAJ)  
      China Foundry  
      China Foundry  
      China Nonferrous Metals Monthly (via CAJ)  
      China Rare Earth Information (via CAJ)  
      China Welding (via CAJ)  
      Chinese Journal of Aeronautics  
      Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering (1988-)  
      Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering (2017-)  
      Chinese Journal of Polymer Science (CJPS) (2010-)  
      Cholodylʹna Technika ta Technolohija = Refrigeration Engineering and Technology = Cholodilʹnaja Technika i Technologija  
      Chūzō Kōgaku = Journal of Japan Foundry Engineering Society  
      Ciência & Tecnologia dos Materiais (2006 - 2010)  
      Ciencia y Poder Aéreo (Formerly Revista Ciencia y Poder Aéreo)  
      CIM Magazine  
      CIMEC Document Repository  
      CIRP Annals - Manufacturing Technology  
      CIRP Journal of Manufacturing Science and Technology  
      CIS Iron and Steel Review  
      ClassNK Technical Journal = ClassNK gihō  
      CleanRooms : The Magazine of Contamination Control Technology  
      Clothing and Textiles Research Journal  
      CMSE Research in Materials  
      CNC West : The Magazine for Western Metalworking Manufacturing  
      CNC4you: Praxiswissen für die Fertigung  
      Coal & Iron Record (via EBSCO Host)  
      Cobalt News  
      Cognitive Robotics