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    Packaging Technology and Science
      Packaging Technology and Science  
      Pakistan Social and Living Standards Measurement Survey: Provincial - District  
      Papier / Die Papierindustrie e.V.  
      Particle and Particle Systems Characterization  
      Particulate Science and Technology  
      Particuology (via CAJ)  
      PeerJ Materials Science  
      Periodica Polytechnica / Mechanical Engineering  
      Physical Mesomechanics (2012- )  
      Physicochemical Problems of Mineral Processing (formerly: Fizykochemiczne Problemy Mineralurgii)  
      Physics of Metals and Metallography, The  
      PIM International (formerly: Powder Injection Moulding International)  
      Pisʹma o Materialach = Letters on Materials  
      Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing  
      Plasmas and Polymers  
      Plasticity and Mechanics of Defects  
      Plastics, Additives and Compounding  
      Plastics Engineering (-2021)  
      Plastics, Rubber and Composites  
      Plastics Technology  
      Pneumatyka : Kwartalnik  
      Podvodnye Issledovanija i Robototechnika = Underwater Investigation and Robotics  
      Podzemni Radovi = Underground Mining Engineering  
      Polimeri (Plastics and Rubber Journal)  
      Polimernye Materialy i Technologii  
      Polimeros - Ciencia e Tecnologia  
      Polish Maritime Research  
      Polygraph Export  
      Polymer Bulletin  
      Polymer Composites  
      Polymer Contents  
      Polymer Degradation and Stability  
      Polymer Engineering & Science  
      Polymer International (formerly: British Polymer Journal)  
      Polymer Journal  
      Polymer-Plastics Technology and Materials (früher: Polymer-Plastics Technology and Engineering ; Journal of Macromolecular Science)  
      Polymer Reviews (Formerly: Journal of Macromolecular Science. Part C)  
      Polymer Science Series B  
      Polymer Science Series C  
      Polymer Testing (1980-1996 u. 92.2020-)  
      Polymer Testing (- 91.2020)  
      Polymers and Polymer Composites (-2003)  
      Polymers and Polymer Composites (2004-)  
      Polymers for Advanced Technologies  
      Polymers from Renewable Resources