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      Facta Universitatis. Series Electronics and Energetics  
      Ferroelectrics Letters Section  
      Financial Statements for ... / Bank of Israel  
      Flow Measurement and Instrumentation  
      Fraser Institute Annual Survey of Mining Companies  
      Frequenz : journal of RF-engineering and telecommunications  
      Frontiers in Control Engineering  
      Frontiers in Electronic Materials  
      Frontiers in Electronics  
      Frontiers in Lab on a Chip Technologies  
      Frontiers in Sensors  
      Frontiers in Signal Processing  
      Frontiers of Optoelectronics  
      Fuel Cells Bulletin (1977, 1998 - 2021)  
      Fuel Cells : From Fundamentals to Systems  
      Fujitsu Scientific & Technical Journal (FSTJ)  
      Furukawa Review  
      Geschäftsbericht / RWE-Aktiengesellschaft  
      Global & Regional Health Technology Assessment (GRHTA)  
      Godišnik na Departament Telekomunikacii = Annual proceedings of Department Telecommunications  
      GS Yuasa Technical Report  
      Guangdianzi = Optoelectronics (OE)  
      Hansa : Zentralorgan für Schifffahrt, Schiffbau, Hafen  
      Haptics-e: The Electronic Journal of Haptics Research  
      HBRC Journal  
      High Frequency Electronics  
      High Voltage  
      Hitachi Cable Review : The Technical Journal of Hitachi Cable, Ltd.  
      Hitachi Technology : Hitachi Review Special Issue  
      HNI Aktuell  
      HNI-Jahresbericht = Annual Report / Heinz-Nixdorf-Institut  
      Hongwai-yu-haomibo-xuebao : Journal of Infrared and Millimeter Waves (JIRMW)