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All Eyes on America

The campaign for the primary elections in the U.S. is hotting up, but observers have long been transfixed by the political situation over the pond. The roots of the fault lines now cracking the surface of American society run deep, as analyzed in the newest edition of the WZB-Mitteilungen.

Several authors turn their analytical sights on Donald Trump, the ideology he embodies, and his aggressive political style. Peter J. Katzenstein views the current president as heir to the ethnonationalism of former President Andrew Jackson (Das Problem heißt nicht Donald Trump, available in English here). Kilian Lüders and Wolfgang Merkel describe the deep trenches in American society that enabled Trump’s rise to power (Tiefe Gräben in der politischen Kultur). Swen Hutter follows a similar argument in his analysis of the role of social movements outside of traditional parties (Radikale Dynamik). Heiko Giebler, Magdalena Hirsch, and their co-authors attempt a comparison with the situation in Germany (Populistisch wählen?). The panorama continues with pieces on working poverty, the co-determination rights of U.S. employees, trade unions, and experimental economics.


The WZB-Mitteilungen are a quarterly publication that offers an insight into the WZB’s research activities. Download the latest edition of the WZB-Mitteilungen here. While the WZB-Mitteilungen are mainly published in German, the annual WZB Report gives English-speaking readers access to selected topical essays.