Jeanne Hagenbach made Karl W. Deutsch Visiting Professor

Jeanne Hagenbach is the new Karl W. Deutsch Visiting Professor at the WZB. The Research Director at the French National Research Institute (CNRS) and Professor of Economics at Sciences Po Paris is doing research in microeconomic theory, game theory and experimental economics.

She will spend her visiting professorship at the WZB’s unit Market BehaviorIn her work, she tries to better understand which strategic situations are favorable to information transmission between agents, and how information transmission depends on the type of messages that agents can send.

On this topic, she has published some theoretical and experimental works in "Econometrica", the "Review of Economic studies" and "Games and Economic Behavior". Jeanne Hagenbach is also generally interested in incorporating bounded rationality in strategic communication models. More recently, she started working on the questions of when and how individuals form self-serving beliefs about their environment and about the agents they interact with.

In 2019, Jeanne Hagenbach was awarded an ERC Starting grant for her related project “Motivated Reading of Evidence” (MOREV). Jeanne Hagenbach is a research fellow at the Centre for Economic Policy Research, a member of the editorial board of the "Review of Economic Studies" and an associate editor at the "Journal or Economic Behavior and Organization".

The Karl W. Deutsch Visiting Professorship was established to honor the life and work of the WZB’s longstanding director (1975-1987), Karl W. Deutsch.


Jeanne Hagenbach Karl W. Deutsch-Gastprofessorin
Caroline Maufroid

Jeanne Hagenbach is a Research Director at the French National Research Institute (CNRS) and a Professor of Economics at Sciences Po Paris.