VPN Setup

VPN to WZB via Sophos SSL / OpenVPN


VPN stands for Virtual Private Network.

With OpenVPN you can connect to the intranet of the WZB from access points outside the WZB.

Please note: VPN access should only be used with your own computers (e.g. home PC, your own notebook or WZB notebook), not from public devices! In addition, multiple VPN clients on a device can interfere with each other if they are activated at the same time. If necessary, remove the various clients from the computer's autostart and start them only when needed.


  • You can get the OpenVPN client for Windows 10, macOS, Linux, as well as OpenVPN apps for Android and iOS. The installation / configuration follows the same principle on different devices.

  • Download configuration file
    When a user account is created, IT stores an info sheet and the VPN configuration file in the user's cloud. The info sheets can be found in the "Welcome" folder, the VPN configuration file in the "VPN" folder. If this folder has been deleted or the VPN configuration file is required for other reasons, it can be downloaded at https://castor.wzb.eu:8080. For security reasons, this is can only be done at the WZB.
    Save the file in your WZB Cloud or with an USB stick and copy it to the desktop of the computer from which you want to connect to the WZB via VPN.

  • Install OpenVPN-Connect Client
    Download for Windows, MacOS, Linux as well as iOS and Android:
    You need administrator privileges for the installation. Double-click to start the installation and click through to the end. The client starts automatically afterwards.

  • Import configuration file into OpenVPN client
    After the client has been installed, drag&drop the configuration file into the client.

  • Connect to the WZB
    You will be prompted to enter your user name and password. After successful login you are connected to the WZB and can access the usual services (intranet, library system, file server).

  • Mount file server (network drive M:) on private devices
    The WZB file server, displayed in Windows as network drive M, must be mounted manually for private devices.

    Windows: Navigate to "This PC" in Windows Explorer → right mouse click → "Map network drive" → select drive letter → enter \\pasithea.wzb.eu\wzb at "Server" → Choose "connect with other user name" and enter WZB credentials in the form WZB\username + password.

    MacOS: navigate to "Go to" in your finder and select "Connect to server" → enter smb://pasithea.wzb.eu/wzb → "Connect" → enter WZB username and PW

    Linux: open the command line → install CIFS Utils pkg with sudo apt-get install cifs-utils → create mount point: sudo mkdir /mnt/wzb → mount share: sudo mount -t cifs // /mnt/wzb -osec=ntlmv2,domain=WZB,username=<YOUR USERNAME>/ Disconnect share: sudo umount /mnt/wzb.

Please note the following:

You are using the network of the WZB whilst connected to the VPN. If you are, e.g., browsing the internet, the traffic runs via the WZB network. So please note:

  • You can spread malicios software in the WZB network. Make sure to use updated antivirus software and scan your computer regularly.

  • Keep your operating system up to date.

  • You may use this connection for official business only.

  • The connection and traffic data will be logged by IT as described in the works agreement.

  • We do not provide support for private computers! You are using the OpenVPN software at your own risk.