The network aims at bringing together researchers studying topics related to work and welfare by organizing monthly brownbag seminars. These seminars provide researchers from Berlin and its surroundings with the opportunity to present and discuss their work, enable collaborations across institutional boarders, and engage in a dialogue with practitioners from governmental agencies, trade unions, employer associations, and NGOs.

The seminars take place on Wednesdays 12.30 to 2pm at the Hertie School of Governance and the WZB.

The following seven brownbag seminars are planned for the semester:

7 October 2015 | Hertie School

Beyond Dual-Earners and Male Breadwinners: Different-Sex Couples' Employment Arrangements During Early Parenthood in Germany and the United States

Speaker: Irene Böckmann (WZB)

Venue: Hertie School, Room 3.61

6 November 2015 (Friday!) | WZB

The Politics of Homeownership Subsidies in Germany and the U.S.

Speaker: Alexander Reisenbichler (George Washington)

Venue: WZB, Room B004/5

2 December 2015 | Hertie School

Unions, Family Values and the Politics of Workplace Leave Legisation in US States 1973-2014

Speaker: Cassandra Engeman (University of California Santa Barbara)

Venue: Hertie School, Room 3.61

6 January 2016 | WZB

The Impact of Social Partners' Migration Responses on Industrial Relations Institutions in Europe

Speaker: Sandra Engelbrecht (Hertie School)

Venue: WZB, Room A305

10 February 2016 | Hertie School

Risky Business? Self-Employed Workers' Perceived Job and Employment Security in Affluent Economies

Speaker: Lena Hipp (WZB)

Venue: Hertie School, Room 2.61

9 March 2016  | WZB

When Beauty Doesn't Pay: Gender and Beauty Biases in Peer-to-peer Loan Market

Speaker: Ko Kuwabara (Columbia University)

Venue: WZB, Room B004/5

6 April 2016  | Hertie School

How Does Widowhood Affect Wellbeing? Results From 14 European Countries and Israel

Speaker: Maja Adena (WZB)

Venue: Hertie School

4 May 2016  | WZB

Human Rights Management in German Multinational Firms: Combining Stakeholder and Institutional Theory From a Value Chain Perspective

Speaker: Carlo Drauth (Hertie School)

Venue: WZB, Room A305

Please feel free to bring your own lunch to the seminars and indicate your interest in presenting your work to Anke Hassel (hassel(at) or Lena Hipp (hipp(at)