Prof. Dr. Dietlind Stolle

Portrait Foto Prof. Dr. Dietlind Stolle (privat)


Former Visiting Researcher of the Research Department


Dietlind Stolle is Professor in Political Science at McGill University, Canada, and the Director of the Inter-University Centre for the Study of Democratic Citizenship (CSDC). She conducts research and has published on trust, institutional foundations of social capital, new forms of political participation, and on neuropolitics. Her latest book is “Political Consumerism—Global Responsibility in Action” (2013) by Cambridge University Press (with Michele Micheletti). She servee as the PI for the second wave of Canadian Youth Study and co-PI for the Canadian Election Survey (CES).

As guest researcher of the research unit "Migration, Integration, Transnationalization (MIT)", Dietlind Stolle has worked on a number of projects, analyzing e.g. the consequences of ethnic diversity, experiments in political communication, as well as the role of pregnancy for political mobilization. She is currently collaborating with the researchers of the MIT research unit in three different projects which focus on populism, radicalization, and ethnic networks.