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Changes in individuals’ work and family lives have contributed to the outsourcing of care work. Today, the market, rather than the family, provides help and services in almost all aspects of life. Children are raised by nannies and in day-care centers. Geriatric nurses take care of the elderly in their private homes as well as in nursing homes. Career coaches and marriage counsellors offer emotional support and advice in difficult life situations. The goal of this research group is to examine how these markets are organized, under which conditions they emerge, and what consequences the personal and often intimate aspects of such jobs have for the individuals who perform them.

Some care work, however, is still provided by family members. Therefore, the research group will also examine the consequences of this care work when performed by non-traditional providers (e.g., fathers taking parental leave).

In short, based on quantitative, qualitative, and experimental studies, the research group addresses the following issues: (1) the origins and emergence of professional emotion work and care markets, (2) the social exchange processes between provides and consumers of professional coaching, care and the like, (3) the consequences of professionally and privately delivered care on individual work outcomes.

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David Ausserhofer

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Gender and Family | Labor and Labor Market