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Visiting Research Fellowships

In order to foster the exchange and cooperation between German and French social scientists and humanity scholars, the program organizes and promotes several network activities.

Therefore, the program offers visiting research fellowships in Germany and France. These services are directed primarlily at researchers from both countries for a period from one to six months. Research stays should take place until April 30, 2018. Applications are continuously welcomed.

The funding consists of a financial support covering travel expenses in compliance with the Federal German Travel Expenses Act (BRKG). Moreover, we provide accommodation expenses in the amount of max. EUR 20 to EUR 30 per night against justification of the actual costs.

Here you can find a report written by Julien Bobineau and Robert Hesselbach who already finished their research fellowship program. They analyzed local identities in the Département Vendée in France considering regional languages.

You can find more reports on visiting research fellowships on our blog: