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Health has steadily gained in importance on foreign policy and development agendas during the past 15 years, with a continuous and rapid growth in the number of actors, institutions and rule-systems relevant to governance for global health. As a consequence, this field of international cooperation is commonly portrayed as an exceptionally complex, or fragmented, landscape and a competitive territory in which numerous actors and organizations struggle over authority and leadership. The Junior Research Group Governance for Global Health analyzes how governance architectures emerge amidst this governance ‘mess’ – architectures that order and stabilize the relationships between different international organizations working on health matters.

In order to explain emerging architectures, the Group studies the extent to which global metagovernance norms – norms about appropriate and effective organizing principles for global governance – influence the policies and practices of international health organizations and lead to a proliferation and deepening of cooperative relationships among them. With its emphasis on explaining causes and consequences of governance architectures, the Group departs from the prevailing scholarly focus on mapping and explaining institutional fragmentation and, thus, aims to contribute to theory development on order and inter-organizational cooperation in global governance. By conceptualizing norms as open to diverging enactments and struggles over meaning, the Group also aims to develop further recent theoretical approaches in International Relations norms research. Altogether, the Group’s research promises to yield crucial findings on the emergence and the effects of meta-governance structures at the global level.


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