Field Days: Trip to the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) in Dortmund to exchange scientific questions with PhD Students of BAuA and to visit the exhibition on German Occupational Safety

Beginning of the cooperation with students of the University of Arts as part of the Visual Society Program.

Start of the seminar on „Gute Arbeit“ at the University of Potsdam.


Official beginning of the cooperation with Brandenburger Bündnis für Gute Arbeit

Field Days: Trip to Volkswagen in Wolfsburg, to get information on  modern industrial production and participation of workers.


Working Meeting of the Doctoral Program with members of the HBS-Project „Gute Arbeit bei eingeschränkter Gesundheit“ of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin


Retreat of the Docotral Program at Chorin/Sandkrug

Discussion with Prof. Robert Bosch, Head of the Institute of Work and Qualification at the University of Duisburg-Essen

Attendance of Final Conference of the Expert Commission „Arbeit der Zukunft“ of the Hans-Böckler-Stiftung

„Junge Wissenschaft trifft Politik“: Setareh Radmanesch discussed with Uwe Beckmeyer, Parlamentary State Secretary for Germany's Economy Ministry (BMWi) about chances and risks of the digitalisation of labor. Link to Vimeo here


Gute Arbeit Kolloquium: with Dr. Rolf Schmucker, Institute „DGB-Index Gute Arbeit“

Discussion with Martin Urban, CEO Berliner Stadtreinigung

Joint visit of „Junge Wissenschaft trifft Politik“ with Lars Hendrik Röller, Chief Advisor of the Chancellor in economic and financial matters

Attendance of the Career Day at the WZB looking at 'Career Paths after the Dissertation'

Attendance of the Preparation Meeting for the Wissenschaftsjahr 2018 “Zukunft der Arbeit“ at the organisation “Wissenschaft im Dialog“

Meeting with students of Murray State University, Kentucky


Celebration of the Kick-Off  of the Doctoral Program

Bas Böttcher, Liebeserklärung an die Arbeit


Gute Arbeit Kolloquium: Presentation of PhD Projects


Workshop „How to write a good thesis“

Attendance of Webinar: Introduction to Citavi

Presentation of the Unit 'Personnel Development and Research Funding' Information on Career Advancement at the WZB




Welcome Day for the PhD Students

Gute Arbeit Kolloquium with Christina Schildmann, Scientific Secretary of the Expert Commission “Arbeit der Zukunft“. Hans-Böckler-Stiftung

Joint visit of the event series „Junge Wissenschaft trifft Politik“ with Hermann Gröhe, Federal Minister of Health