Doctoral College Good Work

The program is sponsored by the WZB and the Hans Böckler Foundation and is headed by Prof. Jutta Allmendinger Ph.D. The duration of the program is three years. The team consists of eight WZB-based researchers and doctoral students with different disciplinary backgrounds such as sociology, economics, psychology and related areas. A coordination team is supporting the work of the doctoral programm.

The research of the program focuses on five thematic areas that are headed by researchers from different research areas and project groups of the WZB. Each of them supervises 1-2 doctoral students whose dissertation is closely linked to one of the thematic areas.

The aim is to provide the doctoral students with a broad theoretical and empirical training in the sociology of work and labor markets. For this purpose, a number of colloquia at the research units of the WZB as well as other WZB-based and Berlin-based training opportunities will be available to the doctoral students.

The second doctoral college "Good Work" started in June, 2021.