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Completed research programsIntercultural Conflicts and Societal Integration

Completed research programs

Programme on:
Intercultural Conflicts and Societal Integration

The Programme was established at the Social Science Research Center Berlin (WZB) in 2003 and, until October 2007, funded by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research. Since 2007, research in the thematic field of migration and integration is conducted in the context of the new WZB-department “Migration, Integration, Transnationalisation”.
The Programme AKI was a pilot project, intended to test ways of making academic expertise more effectively accessible for both the academic analysis of complex problems and for attempts to address practical problems in German society. Additionally, it was the intention to support and encourage the development of interdisciplinary networks. As its key project, the programme pursued academically founded and problem-oriented syntheses of research evidence from different academic disciplines relating to selected problems in the thematic field.
Altogether five “AKI Research Reviews” were published that assemble and evaluate the state of knowledge on illegal migration, language and integration, and aspects of educational disadvantage. Three working papers discuss extent and consequences of spatial segregation. Most of these publications – and short summaries – are available in English and can be found on this website.
Further, a newsletter was published, which is, however, only available in German.
Apart from our publications, the programmes of past AKI-conferences and workshops can be found on this website.



Dr. Karen Schönwälder



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