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Completed research programsCompleted research programs

Completed research programs

Completed research programs

The Research Professorship had completed his job in July 2007.

The research program's main focus lies in the application of the "Varieties of Capitalism Approach" (VoC) to three different areas. The first area is the political economy of economic recovery and industrial change in the largest EMU economies: Germany, France and Italy. Second, and in explicit contrast to the first, VoC is applied to study the nature of recovery in the US and UK. Third, industrial upgrading in developing economies is examined with special reference to transition economies.

In each case, there are three cross-cutting themes: (i) the role of macroeconomics, in particular the slow growth of consumer demand in the large EMU economies compared to the Anglo-Saxon world; (ii) the role of politics, and the contrast between consensus based political systems and majoritarian ones; and (iii) the role of regions, and the contrast between small economic areas and large ones.

The underlying question is: Why does it pay to be small in consensus based economies, but not in Anglo-Saxon ones, and what lessons does this have for transition economies?


>   Prof. David Soskice

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