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Completed research programsCivil Society and Transnational Networks

Completed research programs

Research Unit: Civil Society and Transnational Networks

Wolfgang van den Daele


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Wolfgang van den Daele
Wolfgang van den Daele, Prof. Dr.
Director of the Research Unit: Civil Society and Transnational Networks


Curriculum vitae

  1989-present   Director of the research unit "Standard-setting and Environment", Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin, Germany.

Professor of Sociology at the Free University of Berlin, Germany
  1988   Professorship in Science Research.
Carried out work on the ethics of research, and the relationship of scientific-technical development and changing values in society; did research on technology assessment in the field of modern biology.
  1982-1989   Researcher in the Department of Science Research, ¬University of Bielefeld, Germany.  
  1981-1982   Visiting professor, Department of Scientific Development, ¬University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.  
  1970-1980   Researcher at the ¬Max Planck Institute for the Research of Living Conditions in the Scientific-Technical World, Starnberg, Germany. Did research in the social history of science, and on the theory of scientific development and political control of science and technology.  
  1968   Received Dr. jur.  
  1958-1963   Attended the Universities of Hamburg, Tübingen, and Munich, Federal Republic of Germany; studied jurisprudence and philosophy;  

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Research Interests

Technology development and changes in societal values
Discursive procedures and conflict resolution
Intellectual property rights


Current Research Projects

Intellectual Property Rights


Concurrent Positions and Consultative Posts

From May 2001 to the present, member of the ¬National Board of Ethics for the Federal Republic of Germany
From 1985 to 1987, member of the German Federal Parliqament’s Select Committee on “Opportunities and Risks of Genetic Engineering”

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