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Education, Work, and Life ChancesEducation, Work, and Life Chances

Education, Work, and Life Chances

Research Area
Education, Work, and Life Chances

The Research Units

Inequality and Social Integration
Prof. Dr. Jens Alber
> Skill formation and
labor markets

> Prof. Dr. Heike Solga
Research Professorship

> Public Health  
> Prof. Dr. Rolf Rosenbrock
> Demographic Development,
Social Change, and
Social Capital

> Prof. Chiara Saraceno
Research Group

> Education and Transitions into the Labour Market
> Dr. Rita Nikolai
Research Group

> National Education Panel Study
> Prof. Dr. Kathrin Leuze
Emmy Noether Junior Research Group

> 'Love' , Work, Recognition –
 Recognition and Inequality in
 Dual-Career Couples

> Dr. Christine Wimbauer
Deputy Managing Director
> Christoph Albrecht
European welfare states are facing major structural challenges: an ongoing employment crisis, growing social inequality and an approaching crisis of the public health system. In the search for solutions to social problems, however, the focus is too much on fighting the symptoms in a short-term perspective rather than on long-term prevention. The research area “Education, Work and Life Chances” focuses on the systematic evaluation of societal structural change and the problems resulting from it. The core question is how institutions in the area of state and civil society can be structured in a way that enables them to contribute to employment, social integration and increased quality of life. Is it true that we are “running out of work” and that employment conditions are becoming more and more flexible and a burden for our health? How can institutions be re-arranged in a way that true gender equality can be realised in all realms of society, including the labour market and politics? How are different states changing their social security systems, and what are the consequences in the face of demographic change and growing internationalisation?

The research area includes the research units “Inequality and Social Integration“ and “Skill Formation and Labour Markets“, as well as the research groups “Public Health“, “National Education Panel Study: Vocational Training and Lifelong Learning“, “Education and Transitions into the Labour Market“ and the research professorships: “Demographic Development, Social Change and Social Capital” and “Social and Political Theory“. The Emmy Noether Junior Research Group: “‘Love’, Work, Recognition” also forms part of the area. Together, these groups organise a seminar series including internal and external lectures.

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