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Society and Economic DynamicsSociety and Economic Dynamics

Society and Economic Dynamics

Research Area
Society and Economic Dynamics

  The research area encompasses
four research units:

Cultural Sources of Newness   
Prof. Dr. Michael Hutter  
Internationalization and Organization  
>  Prof. Dr. Arndt Sorge  
>  Knowledge, Production Systems, and Work  
>  Prof. Dr. Ulrich Jürgens  
Science Policy Studies  
>  Dr. Dagmar Simon
Project group  
>  Prof. Dr. Andreas Knie
>  Dr. Weert Canzler
Completed Research Program  

>  Innovation and Organisation
>  Prof. Dr. Ariane Berthoin Antal

The program of the research area investigates the societal conditions of economic dynamics.

The query can be focused on different topics -- values and mentalities, education and knowledge, labor processes and relations, or political, legal, scientific and cultural institutions.

How is knowledge produced in diverse organizational and institutional contexts? Both industrial and political environments are considered, and particularly innovative forms of cooperation. How is newness in society, particularly in the economy, dependent on cultural and artistic forms? How does the internationalization of firms and industries change the conditions for innovative action? Such are the leading questions for this area's research units and research groups.

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