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  1. Michael Zürn

    Article From constitutional rule to loosely coupled spheres of liquid authority

    A reflexive approach

    International theory: a journal of international politics, law and philosophy.- 9 (2017), H. 2
  2. Lena Hipp, Morrissey,Taryn M., Mildred E. Warner

    Article Who participates and who benefits from employer-provided child care assistance?

    Journal of marriage and family.- 79 (2017), H. 3
  3. Martin Ehlert

    Article Who benefits from training courses in germany?

    Monetary returns to non-formal further education on a segmented labour market

    European sociological review.- 33 (2017), H. 3
  4. Martin Krzywdzinski

    Article Accounting for cross-country differences in employee involvement practices

    Comparative case studies in Germany, Brazil and China

    British journal of industrial relations: an international journal of employment relations.- 55 (2017), H. 2
  5. Oisin Tansey, Kevin Koehler, Alexander Schmotz

    Article Ties to the rest

    Autocratic linkages and regime survival

    Comparative political studies: a bimonthly journal.- 50 (2017), H. 9
  6. Matej Avbelj

    Paper What future for the European Union?

    Berlin, 2017, 27 pp., 187 kB
    WZB Discussion Paper. SP IV 2017-802
  7. Maren Evers, Herbert Oberbeck

    Article Industrie 4.0 aus sozialwissenschaftlicher Perspektive

    Die Bedeutung betrieblicher Akteure und Interessenlagen

    Deutsche Rentenversicherung.- 72 (2017), H. 1
  8. Johannes Hemker, Anselm Rink

    Article Multiple dimensions of bureaucratic discrimination

    Evidence from German welfare offices

    American journal of political science.- 61 (2017), H. early view
  9. Heiko Giebler, Sylvia Kritzinger, Georgios Xezonakis, Susan Banducci

    Article Priming Europe

    Media effects on loyalty, voice and exit in European Parliament elections

    Acta politica: international journal of political science.- 52 (2017), H. 1
  10. Christian Rauh, Pieter de Wilde

    Article The opposition deficit in EU accountability

    Online polity contestation during European Parliament electionsevidence from over 20 years of plenary debate in four member states

    European journal of political research.- 56 (2017), H. early view
  11. Carrington C. J. Shepherd, Jianghong Li, Matthew N. Cooper, Katrina D. Hopkins, Brad M. Farrant

    Article The impact of racial discrimination on the health of Australian Indigenous children aged 5-10 years

    Analysis of national longitudinal data

    International journal for equity in health.- 16 (2017)
  12. Emanuela Struffolino, Laura Bernardi

    Article Vulnerabilität alleinerziehender Mütter in der Schweiz aus einer Lebensverlaufsperspektive

    Zeitschrift für Soziologie der Erziehung und Sozialisation: ZSE.- 37 (2017), H. 2
  13. Wolfgang Schroeder, Bernhard Weßels, Christian Neusser, Alexander Berzel

    Paper Parlamentarische Praxis der AfD in deutschen Landesparlamenten

    Berlin, 2017, 66 pp., 466 kB
    WZB Discussion Paper. SP V 2017-102
  14. Philip Wotschack, Claire Samtleben, Jutta Allmendinger

    Paper Gesetzlich garantierte "Sabbaticals"- ein Modell für Deutschland?

    Argumente, Befunde und Erfahrungen aus anderen europäischen Ländern

    Berlin, 2017, 43 pp., 276 kB
    WZB Discussion Paper. SP I 2017-501
  15. Ruud Koopmans

    Book Assimilation oder Multikulturalismus?

    Bedingungen gelungener Integration

    Berlin; Münster, LIT Verlag, 2017, 261 pp.
  16. Thamy Pogrebinschi

    Article Digital innovation in Latin America

    How Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Peru have been experimenting with e-participation

    democraciaAbierta: la sección latina de openDemocracy- (2017) vom 6.6.2017