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  1. Wolf-Peter Schill, Weert Canzler, Ludger Gailing, Leslie Quitzow, Dirk Uhrlandt

    Article (De-)zentrale Energiewende

    Wirklichkeiten, Widersprüche und Visionen

    Vierteljahrshefte zur Wirtschaftsforschung- 85.2016,4. (De-)zentrale Energiewende
  2. Sascha Kneip, Josef Hien

    Article The times, are they a-changin'?

    Konfessionelle Wohlfahrtsverbände in Zeiten gesellschaftlicher Pluralisierung

    Leviathan: Berliner Zeitschrift für Sozialwissenschaft.- (2017), H. 1
  3. Nan Hu, Catherine L. Taylor, Jianghong Li, Rebecca A. Glauert

    Article The impact of child maltreatment on the risk of deliberate self-harm among adolescents

    A population-wide cohort study using linked administrative records

    Child abuse & neglect: the international journal.- 67 (2017)
  4. Jan Paul Heisig

    Article Retirement income provision and household income

    Between- and within-cohort inequalities in Germany and the United States since the 1980s

    Welfare state transformations and inequality in OECD countries
  5. Martin Krzywdzinski

    Article Accounting for cross-country differences in employee involvement practices

    Comparative case studies in Germany, Brazil and China

    British journal of industrial relations: an international journal of employment relations.- 55 (2017), H. early view
  6. Maja Adena, Steffen Huck

    Article Matching donations without crowding out?

    Some theoretical considerations, a field, and a lab experiment

    Journal of public economics.- 148 (2017)
  7. Michael Zürn

    Article From constitutional rule to loosely coupled spheres of liquid authority

    A reflexive approach

    International theory: a journal of international politics, law and philosophy.- 9 (2017), H. FirstView
  8. Paula Protsch

    Article Getting a foot in the door

    How organisational characteristics shape recruitment decisions in the dual apprenticeship system

    Journal of education and work.- 30 (2017), H. advance access
  9. Franziska Engels, Anna Verena Münch, Dagmar Simon

    Article One site- multiple visions

    Visioneering between contrasting actors' perspectives

    Nanoethics: studies of new and emerging technologies.- 11 (2017), H. online first
  10. Tobias König, Tobias Lausen

    Paper Relative consumption preferences and public provision of private goods

    Berlin, 2016, 48 pp., 540 kb
    WZB Discussion Paper. SP II 2016-213
  11. Jianghong Li, Matthias Pollmann-Schult

    Article Fathers' commute to work and children's social and emotional well-being in Germany

    Journal of family and economic issues.- 37 (2016), H. 3
  12. Hanna Dumont, Paula Protsch, Malte Jansen, Michael Becker

    Article Fish swimming into the ocean

    How tracking relates to students' self-beliefs and school disengagement at the end of schooling

    Journal of educational psychology.- (2017), H. advance access
  13. Matthias Pollmann-Schult

    Article Sons, daughters, and the parental division of paid work and housework

    Journal of family issues.- 38 (2017), H. 1