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Selected new publications

  1. Martin Krzywdzinski

    Article Automation, skill requirements and labour-use strategies

    High-wage and low-wage approaches to high-tech manufacturing in the automotive industry

    New technology, work and employment.- 32 (2017), H. 3
  2. Christian Joerges, Christian Kreuder-Sonnen

    Article European studies and the European crisis

    Legal and political science between critique and complacency

    European law journal: review of European law in context.- 23 (2017), H. 1/2
  3. Hannah Zabel, Sabine Hübgen

    Article A life-course approach to single mothers' economic wellbeing in different welfare states

    The triple bind of single-parent families: resources, employment and policies to improve well-being- (2018), 171-193
  4. Christian Kreuder-Sonnen

    Article Political secrecy in Europe

    Crisis management and crisis exploitation

    West European politics.- 40 (2017), H. advance access
  5. Monika Heupel, Gisela Hirschmann, Michael Zürn

    Article International organisations and human rights

    What direct authority needs for its legitimation

    Review of international studies.- 44 (2018), H. 2
  6. Wendy Cadge, Mar Griera, Kristen Lucken, Ines Michalowski

    Article Religion in public institutions

    Comparative perspectives from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe

    Journal for the scientific study of religion: JSSR.- 56 (2017), H. 2
  7. Matthew D. Stephen

    Article Emerging powers and emerging trends in global governance

    Global governance: a review of multilateralism and international organizations.- 23 (2017), H. 3
  8. Anna Froese

    Article Organizations in balance

    Revitalizing the concept of organizational equilibrium

    uwf: UmweltWirtschaftsForum.- 25 (2017), H. 1/2: Sustainability management as interdisciplinary research discipline: requirements, limits, and challenges of interdisciplinary research
  9. Jeanette Hofmann, Christian Katzenbach, Kirsten Gollatz

    Article Between coordination and regulation

    Finding the governance in Internet governance

    New media & society.- 19 (2017), H. 9
  10. Paula Protsch

    Article Getting a foot in the door

    How organisational characteristics shape recruitment decisions in the dual apprenticeship system

    Journal of education and work.- 30 (2017), H. 6
  11. Marcel Helbig, Rita Nikolai

    Article Ansturm auf "gute" Schulen?

    Die Auswirkungen der Veröffentlichung von Abiturnoten auf die Zusammensetzung von Schülerinnen und Schülern an Berliner Schulen

    Zeitschrift für Bildungsforschung.- 7 (2017), H. 2
  12. Zachary Van Winkle, Anette Eva Fasang

    Article Complexity in employment life courses in Europe in the twentieth century

    Large cross-national differences but little change across birth cohorts

    Social forces: an international journal of social research.- 96 (2017), H. 1
  13. Hanna Dumont, Paula Protsch, Malte Jansen, Michael Becker

    Article Fish swimming into the ocean

    How tracking relates to students' self-beliefs and school disengagement at the end of schooling

    Journal of educational psychology.- 109 (2017), H. 6
  14. Uri Gneezy, Agne Kajackaite, Joel Sobel

    Article Lying aversion and the size of the lie

    American economic review (The).- 108 (2018), H. 2
  15. Anselm Rink, Ramona Wong-Grünwald

    Article How effective are HIV behaviour change interventions?

    Experimental evidence from Zimbabwe

    Journal of development effectiveness.- 9 (2017), H. 3