Thu-Ha Nguyen

The archive serves as the WZB’s “institutional memory.” As such, it is designed to secure and bring together sources for researching and understanding the institute’s history, and to give users access to these materials. In addition, it offers basic information about the content and structure of past WZB research activities.

Our archive collects and catalogues documents produced since the WZB’s founding in 1969 to the present by the institute’s management, boards, administration, research units and other departments.

Windows of the WZB Archive

We offer you an insight in the diverse tradition of our house archive with a series of interesting documents from the archival holdings. They are displayed in the showcases at the entrance of the WZB Library, as well as in the passage area to the library tower. Special new acquisitions or outstanding documents from the vault of the archive collection are introduced to the public on the shared blog of AK Archive of the Leibniz-Association.

Using the archive

As part of the Research Information Unit, the archive is a service unit of the WZB.

The archival collections are intended in particular for use by WZB researchers. However, external users can also gain insight into selected archive collections (by prior appointment only).

The holdings of the WZB Archive are grouped as follows: WZB Boards, Management, Service and Administration, as well as Research.

For further questions concerning our holdings please contact Mr. Dirk Reimann.

Archival documents may be used when the library is open. Hours are from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Space is reserved in the library’s service level for use of archival materials.

Users should be aware that, in many cases, personal data protection policies may apply in addition to the general policy that files may not be used until 30 years after they were produced. In addition, provisions pertaining to copyrights and personality rights may apply, depending on the content of the archival material.

Prior to accessing the archive, therefore, users must fill out a registration form and sign a copy of the collections use policy, which forms the legal basis for using the archive. Signing this document constitutes an agreement to obey all rules.

The archive regulations and other important forms are available here as pdf files. Please download, print, fill out, sign and return these documents to us by regular mail in preparation of your visit.