Research Group Law and Governance in the Context of Social Inequalities
Bernhard Ludewig
Research Group
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Law, as a pivotal instrument of governance, is committed to the principles of neutrality, objectivity and equality. However, in social reality, the normative ideal encounters multiple dynamics of inequalities inherent in social structures. The law can thus produce different effects: it can legitimise or reinforce inequalities; on the other hand, law, in the form of social rights, can contribute to limiting and reducing social asymmetries. The socio-legal research group, which is part of the research area Dynamics of Social Inequalities, seeks to examine and research these interrelationships more closely: normatively, theoretically and empirically. There will be three areas of focus:

  • Equal Access to Justice and Responsiveness of (Social) Rights
  • The Right to Education and Participation of Young People in the Context of Social Inequalities, with a specific focus on Educational Governance
  • Social and Ecological Impacts of Legal Regulation