The WZB employs approximately 350 people – in research, service and administration – and offers a modern working environment, where both equal opportunities and the compatibility of work and family are highly valued.

HR Excellence in Research
The European Commission awarded the WZB with the logo “HR Excellence in Research” in June 2013. Since then, the WZB has committed itself to open, transparent, and merit-based recruitment (OTM-R). The institute values fair recruitment procedures and international visibility of advertised vacancies. All persons involved in selection processes are regularly informed about the existing standards and practices in the recruitment procedures at the WZB.

Research at the WZB
Scholars working in various disciplines conduct research at the WZB. In the typically multidisciplinary research teams, experienced and young scholars (doctoral and post-doctoral candidates) work together. The WZB regularly posts job opportunities for research assistants.

The WZB fosters young academics. Learn more here.

Student Work and Internships
Students support the work of WZB research units and thus gain first experience in sociological research and its methods. The WZB regularly posts job opportunities for students.

Internships are also available at the WZB – in research units, as well as in service facilities like the library, press office, or IT-coordination. If interested, contact the respective director.

The WZB is also involved in vocational training and offers positions in professional office communication and office management. In 2010, two additional spots were occupied in the new program in professional market and social research. We also offer apprenticeships in the field of system integration.

Equal Opportunities and Achieving a Work-Life Balance at the WZB
Questions of equal opportunities as well as family-friendly standards are reflected in the strategic goals of the WZB and their structural implementation. The WZB takes a holistic approach to ensuring equal opportunities and the possibility of achieving a work-life balance. These topics form an integral part of processes and procedures that affect employees.

On equal opportunities and achieving a work-life balance at the WZB (PDF)

The WZB supports its employees in the coordination of work/family obligations. In 2017, the WZB was distinguished again for its family friendliness with the auditberufundfamilie (Work-Family Audit) certificate. Included in the family-friendly measures are flexible working hours, various part-time work models, a parent-child office, as well as childcare during evening events.

Flyer Coordination of work/family obligations (PDF)

Furthermore, the WZB works together with the Family Service to help find dependable caregivers for children or other family members, including in emergency situations (for example during sickness or daycare closing times) among other services.

Arbeiten am WZB
Foto: David Ausserhofer

Human resources strategy

EU Commission acknowledges the WZB’s HR Management


Audit Beruf und Familie

Work and family

Since 2010 the audit berufundfamilie (Work-Family Audit) Certificate distinguishes the WZB as a family-friendly employer.