Discussion Papers

The findings of the current research at WZB are published in the "Discussion Papers". Many of these papers can be seen later in professional journals or edited volumes. The Discussion Papers are aimed at scientists as well as experts working in politics, economics and society.

Just published:

Thomas A. Koelble: Globalization and Governmentality in the Post-colony: South Africa under Jacob Zuma (PDF)

Homayoon Moradi: Selfless ignorance: Too good to be true (PDF)

Hande Erkut: Social norms and preferences for generosity are domain dependent (PDF)

Thomas A. Koelble: The Politics of Violence and Populism in Post-colonial Democracy: The Role of Political Society in South Africa (PDF)

Peter M. Haas: Preserving the Epistemic Authority of Science in World Politics (PDF)

Robert Scholz, Sigurt Vitols: Co-determination: a driving force for Corporate Social Responsibility in German companies? (PDF)


Discussion Papers of the Research Areas



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The Discussion Papers are available to download as a PDF. If you would like to receive a printed version please send an email to:
presse [at] wzb.eu

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