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The international political order experiences a profound transformation. Modern international institutions often exercise political authority in their own right, partially intervening deeply in the affairs of national societies. At the same time, international institutions appear often as too weak to, for instance, regulate international financial markets or to effectively combat climate change and its impacts. As a result, societal and national demands and resistances directed at these institutions are growing and we observe transnational disputes over the future of political cooperation beyond national borders.

In order to capture, explain, and evaluate these dynamics, our research is organized around three inter-related clusters. The first one focusses on ‘Political Authority in Global Governance’ more specifically. The second cluster addresses ‘Normative Tensions and Coordination Conflicts’ in the international system. The third cluster, finally, focusses on the ‘Politicization and Challengers of Global Governance’.


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The blog deals with the increasingly intertwined global, national, and regional governance processes. It addresses laws, rules, norms, regimes and regulations referring to global problems, conflicts, and contestations in world politics, foreign policies, and developments on the local or national level that affect global governance. We look for 'orders' that have emerged 'beyond' national 'borders', and aim to understand our globalized world a little better.

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Michael Zürn, moderiert von Stephanie Rohde

8. Mai 2021

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Repräsentation in der Krise

Michael Zürn, moderiert von Bernhard Zangl

28. Januar 2021


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Andrew Moravcsik, moderated by Michael Zürn

16 December 2020

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Pieter de Wilde, Michael Zürn, Oliver Strijbis, and Ruud Koopmans

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Michael Zürn

05 February 2020

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Sidney G. Tarrow

04 October 2016

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22. Juni 2016

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23. Januar 2016