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„Double Shift“ – How Jordan provides schooling for school-age refugee children

The photo project of Double Shift shows the individual wishes of school-children. Photo: Paula Ellguth und Marjam FelsPhoto: Paula Ellguth und Marjam FelsFull view
The morning’s lessons are for the Jordanian children, in the afternoon it’s the Syrians’ turn. Jordan is using a model called Double Shift in order to provide schooling for hundreds of thousands of school-age refugee children from neighboring, war-torn Syria, alongside Jordanian pupils. How is a small country like Jordan able to overcome such a huge challenge? The WZB Berlin and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) undertook a joint research project to examine the Jordanian school system. The results of the project will be documented on the multimedia Double Shift website. The website has won the German Design Award in the catagory 'Excellent Communications Design/Web'. more
Presse Experiment on learning behaviour

Knowing more about economic gains makes people less cooperative

Existing research suggesting that humans cooperate if they know more about their own payoffs has been rebutted: In the long run, access to information about payoff distributions leads to less cooperative behavior, finds a recent study in Nature Communications by Steffen Huck, Johannes Leutgeb (both WZB Berlin Social Science Center) and Ryan Oprea (University of California, Santa Barbara). The study also shows that knowledge about earning possibilities leads to smaller earnings in the long-run. more
Forschung New study

Strong rights for churches hinder integration

The more support a government gives to Christian churches, the more likely its population is to express reservations about Muslim immigrants. This connections is proved by the political scientists Marc Helbling (WZB) and Richard Traunmüller (Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main). The protection of Christian holidays, the collection of church taxes, and the practice of denominational religious instruction in schools strengthen a Christian cultural identity and make it difficult to integrate other religious groups, the researchers write in an article for the new WZB-Mitteilungen issue. more
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A decisive factor for democracy: Female empowerment

Female empowerment is a core driver of democratization. Researchers from Western Australia and from the WZB Berlin Social Science Center draw this conclusion from an analysis of longitudinal data on 123 countries covering the period 1980 to 2005. Paula Wyndow, Jianghong Li, and Eugen Mattes question the widespread presumption that it is democratization that leads to improvements in women’s lives. Their findings suggest a reversed causality: Female educational attainment, women’s labour force participation, and low fertility rates jointly pave the way for moving a country towards democracy. more