Veranstaltungen Leading theorist in the field of international relations

A.SK Social Science Award 2017 to John G. Ruggie

Preisträger John Ruggie, Foto: David Ausserhofer
The American political scientist John G. Ruggie has been awarded the A.SK Social Science Award 2017 on October 14. The award is one of the most renowned international prizes in the social sciences. Ruggie is one of the leading theorists in the field of international relations. His work on the social construction of globalization, which takes account of the needs of people, has also had an impact on political practice. As UN Assistant Secretary General for Strategic Planning (from 1997-2001), he was responsible for creating the United Nations Global Compact, the world’s largest voluntary corporate sustainability initiative. As UN Special Representative for Business and Human Rights (from 2005 to 2011), he developed the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.  more
Veranstaltungen WZB goes Oxford

WZB wins the bid for an international alumni conference

Nuffield College an der Universität Oxford, Foto: Islip Flyer,
The WZB has won the call for applications for an international alumni meeting issued by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. The prize is endowed with 40.000 Euros. The prize money will be used to fund a WZB alumni conference entitled “The Social Sciences in Times of Brexit” at Nuffield College, University of Oxford, in spring 2018. more
Forschung 3 minutes with Daniel Friedman

Investigating fast money

Daniel Friedman; Foto: Video-Still
Nowadays, tiny fractions of seconds can make the difference between profit and loss on international stock exchanges. High-frequency trading moves enormous sums around at speeds that humans can barely imagine. It’s a business that is almost uncontrollable -- and highly risky. In our short video, economist Daniel Friedman of the University of California, Santa Cruz, who holds the research professorship in Market Design at the WZB, briefly summarises his research. Can his work help to put the brakes on high-frequency trading? more
Personen People

Harald Wilkoszewski new Head of Communications

Harald Wilkoszewski, Foto: MPG/Lina Grün
Dr Harald Wilkoszewski is the new Head of Communications at the WZB Berlin Social Science Center. Prior to this post, Wilkoszewski (41) was Head of the Brussels Office for Population Europe, a European research network hosted by the Max Planck Society. more
Forschung New Study

Long hours and longings: Children’s views of fathers’ jobs

Father and child /
  A third of Australian children aged 11–13 years say their fathers work too much, a new study led by The Australian National University (ANU) has found. The study observed around 3,000 fathers and their children as part of the ‘Growing Up in Australia’ study. Lead researcher Professor and former visiting fellow at the WZB, Lyndall Strazdins, said fathers' long hours on the job, including regular night and weekend work and difficulties getting time off work, contributed to their children’s perceptions. Lyndall Strazdin has worked together in this project with Jenny Baxter, Australian Institute of Family Studies, and Jianghong Li, WZB Berlin.   more
Forschung Study on transition into adulthood

Apprentices as happy with their lives as graduates

Ingrid Schoon. Foto: Udo Borchert.
Young people in the UK who pursued vocational training rather than university report being just as satisfied with their lives, according to new research by Ingrid Schoon, Research Professor at the WZB and Professor at the UCL Institute of Education in London, and Mark Lyons-Amos, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. more
Publikationen English WZB Report 2016

Law, Labor, and Democracy

Foto: Cover WZB Report 2016, Ullstein bild / Gisbert Paech
Our recently published English WZB Report 2016  reveals the WZB as an “institution brimming with life and energy”. Essays on global governance, economics and law, social inequality, religion, labor, and democracy show the various research contexts of our institute. While Hildegard Matthies explores the phenomena of “Burnout in the Modern World of Work” Justin Valasek shows the “Inefficiences in EU’s Fiscal Spending”. Silke Gülker explains in her article why it is time to reconsider the relationship between religion and science. Samuel Huntington’s theses are examined by Michael Zürn und Wolfgang Merkel. You will find the entire English WZB Report 2016 here. more