Protest and Truth

A conversation about the power of demonstrations and their potential for radicalization

Compromise is necessary in a democracy. However, society and the public seem to find it increasingly difficult to even agree on a common denominator on certain issues. When it comes to protests and expressions of opinion in social media, different positions are often irreconcilably opposed to each other - whether it's about measures against Corona or the handling of arms deliveries for Ukraine. Max Peukert and Kerstin Schneider spoke with Swen Hutter, Director of the Center for Civil Society Research at the WZB, who has been intensively studying protest movements in recent years. They wanted to find out whether protesters perceive different truths and realities for which they go out to the streets. You can find the video of the conversation with Swen Hutter about the potential for radicalization at demonstrations, subjective truth and the power of extreme positions here. The interview is in German language with English subtitles. 

Swen Hutter im Interview