Tuesday, 14 November 2023

Climate Change, Migration, and Inequality

Talk by Filiz Garip (A.SK Bright Mind Award Winner 2023)

On November 14, before being presented with one of the the A.SK Bright Mind Awards later that day at the WZB, the sociologist Filiz Garip will give a specialized talk for her peers and anyone interested in the subject matter of sociological methods in researching migration:

There are over 10 million Mexican migrants in the United States; about half are undocumented. This work connects the historical mobility patterns to the United States extreme weather conditions in Mexico. The analysis combines predictive machine learning tools with mechanism-based statistical models. The results show that combination and sequencing of droughts are critical to all aspects of the migration process: Who migrates, whether migrants use clandestine channels to cross, and when they return to Mexico.

Filiz Garip is Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs at Princeton University. She researches migration, specifically how networks and social factors shape inequality and life courses. On November 14, Garip will receive one of the A.SK Bright Minds Awards at the A.SK Award Ceremony for reshaping narratives of migration through her methodologically sophisticated social science research.


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