7 - 8 June 2012

Field Days: Experiments Outside the Laboratory

This two-day conference focuses on field experiments, how they can inform our understanding of economic behavior and what its limitations are. The covered topics include incentives in the workplace, social identity and discrimination, selection issues, and preference anomalies. The aim of this conference is to bring together senior and junior researchers to discuss and present their work.

List of presenters:

Hunt Allcott (NYU)
Michele Belot (Oxford University)
Gary Charness (UCSB)
Alain Cohn (University of Zurich)
Robert Dur (Erasmus Rotterdam)
Jessica Goldberg (University of Maryland)
David Huffmann (Swarthmore College)
Nagore Iriberri (UPF)
Sebastian Kube (Univesity of Bonn)
Andreas Lange (University of Hamburg)
Lise Vesterlund (University of Pittsburgh)

The conference is supported by the Fritz Thyssen Stiftung and the CRC 649 "Economic Risk".