Thursday, 7 November 2019

“Good Men Don’t Understand” - An Evening with Tom Fontana and Jörg Winger

TV, Economics and Society - A WZB series organized by Steffen Huck, Sir Peter Jonas, Anna Winger, and Jörg Winger

In his new TV series ‘City on a Hill’ Tom Fontana explores (with his co-producers Ben Affleck and Matt Damon) the depth of urban corruption in 1990s Boston and examines what it takes to “rip out the fucked-up machinery”. In our evening panel, we will contrast his tale with Anna Winger's and Jörg Winger’s ‘Deutschland 86’ which depicts a contemporaneous corrupt system beyond repair.



On Tuesday, 26 November 2019, 6.30 p.m.

“S’all good, man!”

An Evening with Jenn Carroll, Gordon Smith and Anna Winger

While some view ‘Better Call Saul’ as an acerbic investigation of the American justice system, others delight in its micro analysis of family, friendship, and the impossibility of goodness in a capitalist society. In this evening we will delve deep into Saul Goodman’s story with producer Jenn Carroll, writer Gordon Smith, and Deutschland 83/86 showrunner Anna Winger. And, of course, we will also touch upon the new ‘Breaking Bad’ movie, ‘El Camino’.

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WZB, Reichpietschufer 50, 10785 Berlin, Room A 300
Thursday, 7 November 2019
Start 6:30 pm