27 - 28 November 2014

Employers as Gatekeepers


The impact of the economic crisis on Europe’s labor markets has directed particular attention to the situation of labor market entrants, who, in general, tend to suffer most from economic turmoil. A common explanation is that in tight labor markets, employers are reluctant to employ younger people because they have limited experience and are presumed to be less productive. However, focusing on individual qualifications and skills fails to explain why labor market outcomes are not only structured and determined by factors related to individuals’ productivity but also by ascriptive characteristics such as gender, ethnicity or age. Here, the role of employers as gatekeepers comes into the focus. Among others, the workshop will discuss the following questions: How are recruitment and selection processes organized? And when are they particularly likely to disadvantage certain groups of job applicants?

The workshop is financed by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

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