Thursday, 16 October 2014

The Study of Global Capitalism: From Inter-national to Inter-temporal Comparison of Economic Institutions

Prof. Andreas Nölke, Goethe University Frankfurt/Main - Part of the event series "Great Crisis of Capitalism - A Second Great Transformation?"

The lecture develops a research programme for the historical comparison of different stages of capitalism. Starting from historically comparative theories of capitalism, Andreas Nölke will sketch a model that draws especially on Polanyi and theories of organized capitalism. He validates this model by discussing the current crisis of the liberal stage of financialization, as well as the contemporary economic model of state capitalism in large emerging economies as a potential model for a new stage of non-liberal capitalism.

Andreas Nölke is Professor for Political Science with focus on international relations and international political economy at Goethe University Frankfurt/Main.

Comment by:
Katharina Bluhm, Free University of Berlin

The lecture is part of the event series Great Crisis of Capitalism - A Second Great Transformation?