Curriculum vitae


Since Apr 2008  
Free University Berlin, School of Business and Economics
PhD candidate at the Path Dependency Research Center      

Oct 2005 - Nov 2006  
Free University Berlin
Diploma in political science and Certificate in economics      

Oct 2003 - Jul 2005  
Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po)
Master’s in International Business      

Oct 2002 - Jul 2003  
Free University Berlin
Studies in political science and economics      

Oct 2001 - Jul 2002  
Institut d’Etudes politiques de Lyon
Certificate in political science    

Oct 1999 - Jul 2001  
Goethe-University Frankfurt
Vordiplom in political science and economics        

Internships and Work Experience

Mai 2007 - Apr 2008  
Hertie School of Governance
Research Assistant to Prof. Dr. Markus Jachtenfuchs      

Oct 2005 - Nov 2005  
German Ministry of Economics and Employment
Internship at the Department for European Affairs    

Jul 2005 - Aug 2005  
French Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Internship at the Department for French-German Relations    

Apr 2003 - Sep 2003  
Hessian Federal Embassy Berlin
Research Assistant at the Department of European and External Affairs

Scholarships and Awards        
  • Deutsch-Französisches Institut: Nachwuchsförderungsprogramm
  • German Research Foundation: PhD-Scholarship since April 2008
  • Franco-GermanUniversity: Scholarship from October 2003 - October 2006
  • Harvard World Model United Nations: Diplomacy Award March 2004
  • Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Lyon: Erasmus Scholarship Oct 2001 - Jul 2002
Research Interests        
  • Multinational Corporations
  • Institutional Change and Path Dependence
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Franco-German Relations 

University of Potsdam, Potsdam Center for Policy and Management, Introduction to Academic Reading, Presenting and Writing for students of the Postgraduate Master Program in Public Policy and Management (MPM) (jointly with Sebastian Zacharias).      

Free University Berlin, Otto-Suhr-Institut for Political Science: Scientific Methods for students of the German-French Master program "Politikwissenschaft - Affaires Européennes / Affaires Internationales" of Sciences Po Paris and the Free University Berlin (jointly with Sebastian Zacharias)      

Freie Universität Berlin, Otto-Suhr-Institut for Political Science: Introduction to scientific methods for students of the German-French Bachelor of Sciences Po Paris and the Freie Universität Berlin (jointly with Sebastian Zacharias)  


Arnold, Lisa Maria (2011): Getting the Actors on Board: Actor-Centered Research on Organizational Paths in Airbus Industries. Conference Paper prepared for the 2nd International Conference on Path Dependence, Freie Universität Berlin, School of Business and Economics, March 3-4.      

Arnold, Lisa Maria; Sorge, Arndt: Institutional Change and Continuity in Complex Federated Organizations: The Case of Airbus Industrie. Working Paper prepared for the 26th EGOS Colloquium, Sub-Theme 08 on Institutions and Knowledge: Sources and Consequences, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal, June 29-July 3rd.      

Arnold, Lisa Maria (2008): Die Entstehung der europäischen Dienstleistungsrichtlinie im Spannungsfeld organisierter Interessen: Eine Fallstudie zum Einfluss von Gewerkschaften und Unternehmerverbänden im Europäischen Parlament. HertieSchoolof Governance Working Paper 36/2008. Berlin: Hertie School of Governance