University and Department Service

  1. Chair, Senior Search Committee, Department of Government
  2. Chair, Strategic Planning Committee, Department of Government
  3. Interim Director, Center for European Studies, Harvard University
  4. Search Committee, Middle East Politics Senior Search, Department of Government
  5. Faculty Council, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University
  6. Chair, Search Committee, Assistant Professorship, Department of Government

2010-Present Weatherhead Dissertation Funding Selection Committee

  1. Junior Faculty Forum, with Dean of Social Sciences
  2. Search Committee, International Relations, Department of Government, Harvard University
  3. Faculty Coordinator, Workshop for Doctoral Students in European Politics and Society, Minda De Gunzburg Center for European Studies, Harvard University.
  4. Coordinator, Social Studies Junior Tutorial Program
  5. Search Committee, Africa/Comparative Politics, Department of Government-Social Studies.

2004- Steering Committee, Center for European Studies, Harvard University

2003-04 Search Committee, African/Comparative Politics, Department of Government/Social Studies.

2003- Standing Committee, Social Studies Committee, Harvard University

  1. Chair, “Issues in Comparative Historical Research Study Group,” Center for European Studies, Harvard University.
  2. Chair, German Study Group, Center for European Studies.