Thursday, 9 July 2020

Hong Kong - A year of protest

The future of Hong Kong is at a crossroad. Despite widespread domestic and international criticism, National People's Congress of China has recently endorsed plans to pass a security law that directly targets the activities of the democratic movement in Hong Kong. While the outbreak of the Corona pandemic at the beginning of 2020 has momentarily dampened the protests, they have yet again started to escalate. As of now, the protest is intertwined with a new wave of the labor movement activities. One year after the massive protests in Hong Kong have flared up, thousands of protesters are again challenging the Chinese government’s intervention on Hong Kong’s autonomy.

As the latest security law marks another critical juncture that revitalized the movement, we would like to review what happened this year and discuss the recent developments of the movement. The upcoming webseminar features two scholars from Hong Kong: Samson Yuen, Assistant Professor at the Lingnan University, and Anna Tsui, Research Assistant at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. With their strong expertise in civil society and social activism, they will give us insights into the unique protest strategies as well as the new role of labor unions during the pandemic.

Samson Yuen is Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Science at Lingnan University. He studies contentious politics, civil society and state power, with a particular focus on the Greater China region. He is a co-editor of An Epoch of Social Movements (Chinese University Press, 2018), and has published articles in Mobilization, Political Studies, Social Movement Studies, Journal of Contemporary China, China Information, Modern China, China Review, China Perspectives. He holds an MPhil in Comparative Government and DPhil in Politics from Oxford University.

Anna Tsui graduated from the University of Oxford in 2018 with a BA (hons) in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. Her interest lies in political economy and labor studies. As research assistant at Centre for Social Innovation Studies, Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, she is currently conducting research on Hong Kong’s labor and union movement.

The event will take place via Webex. We kindly ask you to register for the webseminar by sending an email to clara.vandenberg [at]

Clara van den Berg
clara.vandenberg [at]

The event will take place via Webex. Please send an email to clara.vandenberg [at] to register for the webseminar.

Webex Meeting
Thursday, 9 July 2020
Start 12:15 pm
Center for Civil Society Research