Dr. Ana Tanasoca

Portrait Foto Dr. Ana Tanasoca (Privat)


Former Visiting Researcher of the Research Unit


Ana Tanasoca, a postdoctoral research fellow at the Centre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance, University of Canberra, was guest of the WZB unit Global Governance in May 2016. Under John Dryzek’s supervision, she is working on a project that studies the decision process around the post-2015 Development Agenda from a deliberative systems perspective. The project explores the ways in which institutional design affects the performance of deliberative systems by framing the interaction between public and empowered actors.

Selected Publications

“Citizenship for sale—neomedieval, not just neoliberal?” European Journal of Sociology (Archives Européennes de Sociologie), 57 (Ap 2016), 169–95.

“Double voting” (with Robert E. Goodin), Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 92: 4 (Dec 2014), 743–58.

“Double taxation, multiple citizenship and global inequality,” special issue on Global Tax Justice, eds. Gillian Brock and Thomas Pogge, Moral Philosophy and Politics, 1 (2014), 147–69.