Dr. Daniel Auer

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daniel.auer [at] uni-mannheim.de
Former Staff Member of the Research Department
Head of Thematic Area des Promotionskollegs


Daniel Auer is a postdoctoral researcher at the research unit Migration, Integration, Transnationalization and fellow at the University of Mannheim, MZES. He received his Dr. in Public Administration from the University of Lausanne and the National Competence Center on Research NCCR - on the move. Previously, he studied at the Universities of Vienna, Urbana-Champaign, and Zurich and has been a visiting researcher in Malmoe and Oxford. His work focuses on discriminatory- and policy-driven mechanisms that affect immigrants’ labour-market integration as well as on policy effects in the context of international migration. Personal website: daniel-auer.com

Selected Publications

Merchants of death: Arms imports and terrorism (2021) European Economic Review (with D. Meierrieks).

Corruption and the Desire to Leave Quasi-Experimental Evidence on Corruption as a Driver of Emigration Intentions (2020) IZA Journal of Development and Migration (with F. Römer and J. Tjaden).

Can signaling assimilation mitigate hiring discrimination? Evidence from a survey experiment (2019) Research in Social Stratification and Mobility (with Flavia Fossati and Fabienne Liechti).

Compensation or Competition: Bias in Immigrants' Access to Active Labour Market Measures (2019) Social Policy & Administration (with Flavia Fossati).

Ethnische Diskriminierung auf dem Schweizer Wohnungsmarkt (2019) Grenchen: Bundesamt für Wohnungswesen BWO (with Julie Lacroix, Didier Ruedin, Eva Zschirnt)

Who feels disadvantaged? Reporting Discrimination in Surveys (2019) In: Steiner, Wanner (eds.) Migrants and Expats: The Swiss Migration and Mobility Nexus. IMISCOE Research Series. (with Didier Ruedin)

The absent rewards of assimilation: how ethnic penalties persist in the Swiss labour market (2018) The Journal of Economic Inequality (with F. Fossati).

Linking Migration Intentions with Flows: Evidence and Potential Use (2018) International Migration (with J. Tjaden and F. Laczko).

The matching hierarchies model: Evidence from a survey experiment on employers' hiring intent of immigrant applicants (2018) International Migration Review (with G. Bonoli, F. Fossati and F. Liechti).

Language Roulette: The Effect of Random Placement on Refugees' Labour Market Integration (2018) Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 44(3): 341-362.

The Signalling Value of Labour Market Programmes (2017) European Sociological Review 33(2): 257-274 (with F. Liechti, F. Fossati and G. Bonoli).

Why do Immigrants have longer Periods of unemployment? Swiss Evidence (2017) International Migration 55(1): 157-174 (with G. Bonoli and F. Fossati).

Measuring Global Migration Intention, 2010-2015 (2017) IOM GMDAC Data Briefing (with F. Laczko and J. Tjaden).

Les conséquences du travail à temps partiel sur les prestations de prévoyance vieillesse (2016) Conférence suisse des délégué-e-s à l'égalité entre femmes et hommes (with G. Bonoli, E. Crettaz and F. Liechti).